The Barn and Milkhouse

The barn and milk house were built in 1920, most likely by the Von Trotha Brothers.

The barn housed horses on the west end and milk cows on the east end. Chutes extended through the west hayloft floor where hay was placed and then dropped down to the first floor where it was fed to the horses. The east end of the barn contained five stanchions, or stalls, for milking cows.

The milk house was equipped with a steel tank to which the Firestiens added cool water. Full milk cans were placed in the water to keep the milk cool until the Johnstown condensery picked up the milk each morning for processing into condensed milk.

View of the barn and milkhouse from the northeast corner.

Activity: How many bird nests can you find in the barn? What types of birds have made these nests? Are there baby birds in the nests?