Claus "Claude" Von Trotha

Claus Wolfgang Von Trotha (1885-1966) was born in Denver, Colorado. His parents, Claus and Helene Von Trotha, had immigrated to the United States from Germany. The family first lived in Ohio, Minnesota and Boulder and Denver, Colorado before homesteading around 1887 on property just north of the Poudre River in the Bracewell/Farmers Spur area.

Claude was active in the community and contributed significantly to farming, livestock feeding and irrigation in the Greeley area. He was prominent in the community and well respected for his business practices.

Claude served on the Bracewell School Board, was Chairman of the Board of the Weld County Bank, served on the Board of Directors of several local irrigation companies and was actively involved in various other community activities.

In 1936, Claude married Roxena Goodpasture in Denver, Colorado. They married late in life and didn't have any children.

A 1953 article in the Great Western Sugar Publication Through the Leaves, described Claude as "progressive in his farm practices" as he was one of the first to realize the value of commercial fertilizer on all crops. Claude and his brother, Bode, encouraged local farmers to employ more mechanization, such as machine thinning of sugar beets.

In 1950, Bode and his brother, Claude, incorporated their business interests by forming Von Trotha Brothers, Inc. (Click here to learn more about the Company.)

Considered pioneers in livestock feeding in Northern Colorado, the Von Trotha Brothers had one of the largest livestock feeding establishments in the region. They regularly shipped cattle and sheep to the Denver market. Claude handled the farming operations and management for the Company.

In 1959, Claude created the Von Trotha Educational Trust for the purpose of granting educational scholarships. This educational trust continued to grant scholarships throughout the 1980s. A 1989 article from the North Weld Herald indicates 25 scholarships in the amount of $400 each were awarded that year to students in Weld County.

Claude Von Trotha passed away in 1966 at the age of 81.

Photo courtesty of Arwilda Harrington.