Irrigation and Water Drainage Structurese

The Von Trotha Brothers contributed significantly to irrigation in the Bracewell area. Numerous drain lines, ditch systems and small pipelines exist on the property.

The structure on the front lawn of the stucco house was used for flood irrigating the lawn of the house. A ditch system existed just west of the houses and an underground tile line brought water to two areas on the lawn surrounding the main stucco farmhouse. The water was brought up onto the lawn for flood irrigation via these structures.

Controlling the amount of water applied to the lawn was sometimes a challenge. “Grandpa Coonie” was known for “accidentally” getting water into the basements of the homes when flood irrigating the lawns. The structure on the south side of the drive near the stucco house aids in draining water off the field to the north, into the tile line and on to the river.

Looking north of the white farmhouse, you can see the small ditch where the water drains off the field and into the tile line which runs under the front of the houses and then into the drain structure.

View of the drainage structure looking south from the driveway of the farmyard.