Shark's Tooth Pipe Line

In 1951, the Von Trotha Brothers (Bode and Claude) formed the Shark’s tooth Pipe Line Company, a mutual ditch and pipeline company, with J.H. Lowe, Carl Rydberg and Louis Firestien. They constructed a domestic water line which begins at the top of the bluff area referred to as “Shark’s tooth”, located on the east side of County Road 25 and south of County Road 62.25.

The pipeline draws water from the Greeley water line and then runs north diagonally from Shark’s tooth bluff (near the old Sharkstooth Ski Area) to the farm. You will see the meter pit for the pipeline just north of the privy.

The pipeline services the two houses on the farm before it continues east along the south side of County Road 64.

Original map of Shark's Tooth Pipe Line.

Question: How many acre feet of water does the average family use per year?