Pole Machinery Shed

The machinery shed was built around 1937 by Swedish immigrant, Bill Lillian. He constructed all of the pole machinery sheds on the Von Trotha properties.

A small door on the northeast corner of the shed was once used to access a tool bench in that part of the shed. The southeast corner of the shed houses a more extensive tool bench area complete with a wood stove.

The shed mainly provided storage for trucks and tractors. The machinery shed also served as a meeting place for area farmers and the wood stove provided some heat for these gatherings during the winter months. Often during harvest season, the shed housed trucks filled with sugar beets overnight to keep the beets from freezing before being transported the next morning to the nearby sugar beet dump at Bracewell.

In the 1940s, many area farmers raised pigs. Conrad and his brothers, George and Louis, could be found butchering pigs in the pole shed.

View of the pole machinery shed from the north side of the building.