Stucco Farm House

The Stucco Farm House was built in 1926 by the Von Trotha Brothers. Three silos were torn down and the recycled bricks were used to construct the house. It was thought the house was built with the intention that when one of the Von Trotha brothers decided to get married, they would live there. However, Conrad Firestien and his family were the ones who actually lived in the house. When built, the house had an indoor bathroom, running water, was wired for electricity and had a heated garage.

In the photo below, the house that originally stood on the property is shown to the west of the stucco house. This house was later moved about 1/8 of a mile to the south of the farm and sat on the east side of the road.

View of the south side of the stucco farm house with the old house still remaining to the west. Mabel and Wally Firestien by the car.

Fun fact: What year did Bracewell receive electrical power?