Tin Granaries

Two round corrugated tin granaries with conical roofs sit on a concrete pad directly north of the railroad box car. These granaries were primarily used for storing corn which was fed to the sheep in the east half of the corral area.

The Firestien brothers and their sons kept livestock records, dating to the 1940s and 1950s, on the inside door of one of the tin granaries and along the walls of both tin granaries. There are references to the “east pen” and “west pen”, “Denver lambs” received and calculations of livestock sold with “PD” at the bottom of the total.

View of the tin granaries from the east side of the farm yard.

Open the door to the north granary to read the record of lambs sorted out to Coonie (Conrad), Louis, George, Wayne and Calvin. Note also that “there were two extra now only one. Louis took 18”.
View of the inside of the door of the north granary.

Activity: If you were a historical thinker, could you use the figures on the door to investigate the past? How?