Von Trotha Family

Baron Claus "Claude" Wolfgang Von Trotha (1840-1888) and Helene Niebelung (1847-1936) were married in 1868 in Toledo, Ohio. They both had immigrated to the United States from Germany. Baron Von Trotha fought in the Civil War. The family lived in Ohio, Minnesota and Boulder and Denver, Colorado before homesteading around 1887 on property just north of the Poudre River in the Bracewell/Farmers Spur area. They were considered pioneers of the Poudre Valley.

Claus and Helene had nine children:

Thilo Claus (1870-1900)

Charlotte Ottonie (1871-1953)

Egon Karl (1873-1900) (Died of tonsilitis at age 26.)

Bodo Leopold (1875-1959)

Erich Fritz (1877-1942)

Otto Max (1879-1960)

Esther Daisy Thekla (1881-1950)

Lothar Edgar (1883-1959)

Claus Wolfgang Von Trotha, Jr.(1885-1966)

(Family information retrieved from http://www.theplates.ws/family/wc01/wc01_228.html)