Wooden Granary

The wood frame granary was built in 1908 and is the oldest building on the property. It was most likely built by Philip Krieger, property owner at the time.

The granary mostly stored barley for livestock. The east side of the granary provided storage for additional feed for cattle and sheep.

View of the wooden granary fromt he south side of the building.

Main Gate to Corrals

Despite many repairs the wooden corrals were torn down in 2006 due to age and dilapidation. The only remnant of the corral system is the wooden center gate which led down the alleyway of the corrals. This area accessed the cattle feed bunk area, the well and pump house, the railroad box car and wooden granary.

View of the gate to the alleyway from the north side.
Aeraial view of the farm showing the corral system as it fit with the buildings.

Activity: Using the corner of the boxcar as it lines up with the corner of the wood granary as one corner of a square, measure an acre.

Question: How many square feet are there in an acre?